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Dedication to gastronomy


Perfect Combination of Oven and Grill

Charcoal powered Oven

As already several Chefs confirm: "It transforms the food".

This oven is the perfect combination between a closed grill and an oven. At the same time it allows you to grill at a lower level and roast or bake other foods at the upper levels.

Tested and Patented, and with several finishing options. It only needs extraction.



Easy Installation: Does not require electricity or gas: it only needs smoke extraction (must be placed under the extraction hood). Its insulation allows for installation in tight spaces.

Easy Maintenance: At the end, the ashes are retained in the lower drawer, which is removable. They can be vacuumed directly from the oven, or taken to another location.

Economic: 3kg of our charcoal guarantees 4 hours of operation at 300º-350º C.

Faster : grills much faster than an open grill.

National Production

We design and produce our charcoal ovens “at home”. From the first prototype we worked with the most experienced chefs to create the perfect machine for the masters of the grill.

Everything was designed to maximize its effectiveness during cooking: we limited the mechanical parts to reduce the points of failure; maximum isolation on the door to avoid accidental burns; a grease collector for quick cleaning, etc.



An open kitchen reflects confidence in its customers.


An oven with the logo of your restaurant shows seriousness and commitment to deliver the best experience possible.

From stainless steel or colored enameled to its elaborate LASER cut logo on the door. The end result depends only on your vision.

Contact us for clarification on finishes.

Available in 3 sizes





Dimensions (mm)

710 - 560 - 680

850 - 670 - 680

1121 - 670 - 680

All ovens include 2 tubular grids in aisi304 stainless steel (6 mm and 8 mm) and a fire chimney.



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