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Truly Green

Tested and confirmed by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Univ. Port than food made with Ecogrill charcoal contains significantly fewer carcinogens compared to traditional charcoal.

We use coconut shell as raw material, producing charcoal without cutting down trees. The result is charcoal that lasts 3 hours and does not release flames or smoke: it only releases an intense heat ideal for cooking grills.

We have the only charcoal on the European market with 100% Biobased certification (origin in biomass) by the European standard EN-16785-1: 2015

Our charcoal also complies with the European standard EN-1860-2: 2005 for certification of use for food.


3 Hours of Operation

With a duration 3 times longer than traditional coal.

More economical due to higher yield per kg.


No Flames, Fumes or Smells

It just releases intense heat.

Ideal for grilling indoors or on the balcony.

The absence of flames allows the grill to be positioned closer to the charcoal, which allows for almost instantaneous sealing of food


Constant high temperatures

The high temperature decreases the time needed to grill. This allows the fluids to stay inside the food, giving it an extraordinary flavor.



Its briquette shape requires less space to store or stack Ecogrill © charcoal boxes.



Tested and approved by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Univ. Port. Does not release fumes or grime. The absence of flame prevents the burning of parts of foods: they are associated with greater health risks.


Premium Cube

Cube format 40x30x25 mm

8500 Kcal, 3 to 5% ashes, 85% fixed carbon.

Heat duration approx. 3 hours.

Ideal for all foods.

Recommended for home and professional use.

The recommended charcoal for our ovens.

CARVÃO BAR10_fix.jpg

BAR10 bar

Trunk format 80x40x40 mm

8000 Kcal, 4 to 6% ashes, 80% fixed carbon.

Heat duration approx.4 hours

Ideal for fish, meat and chicken.

Recommended for professional use.


Cushion PIB10

Egg format.

8000 Kcal, 4 to 6% ashes, 80% fixed carbon.

Heat duration approx. 3 hours.

Ideal for meat and fish.

Recommended for professional and home use.



Cube format 25x30x25 mm

8500 Kcal, 3 to 5% ashes,

85% Fixed Carbon

Natural charcoal.

Heat duration approx. 1:30 hours.

Recommended for Shisha - Narguile - Hookah

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